Chester Valley Trail

CV_Trail2 The Chester Valley Trail runs adjacent to Daylesford Lake.


Information about the trail including maps and future plans can be found on the Official Chester County Website

Trail Access from Daylesford Lake

Currently, you can access the trail from the northwest corner of the parking area on Daylesford Blvd as indicated by the yellow star on the map below:


From the northwest corner of the parking lot, walk up the small embankment to a Japanese maple between two pine trees.

CV_Trail_Access1   CV_Trail_Access2

Behind the Japanese maple is a dirt path that leads to the Chester Valley Trail.  Please note that this is not a developed trail.  There are rocks and stumps on the trail, so proceed with caution.

CV_Trail_Access3  CV_Trail_Access4

CV_Trail_Access5  CV_Trail_Access6

How to get back to Daylesford Lake from the Chester Valley Trail

The access path is west of the Swedesford Road overpass and east of a bench (i.e. it is between the overpass and the bench).  Swedesford Road is marked with a sign.  If you are coming from the King of Prussia direction, once you pass Swedesford Rd, look for the trail which is on the left side and before the bench.  If you are coming from the Malvern direction and get to the Swedesford Road intersection, turn around and look for the trail on the left side.

CV_Trail_Access7  CV_Trail_Access8

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